It’s Adventure Time

from: pop tower

This is Finn from adventure time, he is an adventurer, and a true Finn. Lately I have been watching quite a bit of this cartoon, and have really come to enjoy the show. I don’t just like the show because the main characters name is Finn, but because this show depicts how all Finns should be. Finn is my idol, if i could be anyone i would be Finn, he is the epidemy of cool. Finn’s best friend is jake the dog, Jake and Finn go around and fight bad guy and just adventure. Thanks

history fact: the origin of the name Finn comes from Scandinavian countries such as, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


About finnigan33

i am a student at the MAD (Multimedia Arts and Design) Academy.

2 responses to “It’s Adventure Time

  1. AJ

    I love this concept, Finn. Your writing is funny and engaging and you mix images and words really well. I very much look forward to your future posts and to see where you go with it. Nice, colorful layout and some great images. Keep up the great work, this is the must stop site for all fans of Finns!

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